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Debunking myths about manufacturing and engineering jobs

The manufacturing industry has recently been widely noticed by pretty much the majority of the UK. This would be great, if only out-of-date perceptions weren’t constantly held with what is in reality a growing and forward-thinking sector. Indeed, given the stories of doom and gloom that we see almost-constantly in the media about how the sector is in a state of flux, it is understandable. But it isn’t right. So, how can we set things straight and change people’s opinions on the state of manufacturing in this country?

Well, we’re going to address a few of the more popular myths to hopefully give you a bit more information on the manufacturing and engineering sector before completely ruling it out of you or somebody else’s career choices.

Not a career for a woman

Whilst it would be wrong to state that it isn’t a male dominated industry, manufacturing companies aren’t wanting to stay that way. Recently, there has been an increase in campaigns pushing to attract women in STEM sectors. This has proven to have made a 15% increase in women in both junior and senior roles within manufacturing.

Not only are companies trying to externally attract more females into the sector, but over the years, manufacturing and engineering employers have evolved their work environments and polices to be more fitting to both genders rather than unconsciously favouring one.

Dirty and unhealthy

This is one of the most popular myths and interestingly enough, it comes from old reality. Many years ago, manufacturing really wasn’t the most clean or safe place to spend the majority of your week, but then there was also a time when people threw their waste out into the streets via the bedroom window. The point is that that was found unsafe and unsanitary and the laws changed, just like in manufacturing and engineering.

These sectors now have extensive health and safety law to protect their workers. Machines are updated to follow these rules and be less of a risk to those operating them and personal protection equipment is now mandatory for all workers. Manufacturing and engineering companies have come leaps and bounds over the years and the sector continues to modernise their health and safety regulations.

Careers within the sector don’t necessarily have to be working on the production floor, there are so many different opportunities for everybody wanting to become anything from a designer or researcher to working in marketing or management roles.

Industry 4.0 will be cause unemployment

The newest myth to meet the manufacturing and engineering world is the so-called threat of technology. Most people will associate the fourth industrial revolution with the take-over of robots and smart machines. The nightmare that these machines will cause humans to not be needed within the sectors anymore and smart factories will be self-efficient mini cities.

The reality of this future workplace is that machines will be taking over the more medial tasks; thus, giving current workers the opportunity to upskill and upgrade their careers rather than lose them.

It actually is cause for the industry as a whole to attract people interested in IT and robotics as well as many others. Industry 4.0 will allow manufacturing and engineering professionals to reach across sectors for talent and offer even better opportunity to the next generation of workers.

Want to know how else you’ll benefit from the introduction of smart machinery? We talk all about it in one of our recent blogs.

With a single negative comment being enough to make anybody turn their heads from a sector – especially those who are still trying to find where they want to work after leaving school. It’s essential that the manufacturing and engineering companies who want to continue strong and diverse recruitment market themselves as such.

Showcasing all of the global opportunities that come with a manufacturing or engineering career is one of the many selling points that aren’t shown to those in their influential years.

Need some help with your next hire in your manufacturing or engineering company? Contact Theo James Recruitment for specialist recruiters in your industry.

Debunking myths about manufacturing and engineering jobs

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