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Engineering innovations that are changing the world

There are so many people who are continuing to help the way we live through their engineering innovations and whilst the list could have been a mile long, we’ve decided to put together some of the weird and wonderful operations and products that have made our mouths drop in awe.

The Underwater Robot Snake

Otherwise known as Eelume, this technology is disruptive for all the right reasons. Eelume is set to revolutionise subsea inspection maintenance and repair (IMR). The self-propelling robotic arm is not only able to move long distances underwater, but it can carry out IMR in difficult and confined spaces that humans or other water-vehicles would otherwise struggle to reach.

Astonishingly, these Eelume vehicles have been engineered to live beneath the water surface with digital accessibility enabled at any time of the day – despite harsh weather conditions. What this means for the future of subsea installations is that maintenance can be made without the need of surface vessels, which will cause these operations to become much greener, safer and cost efficient.

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The Ocean Clean Up

One of the biggest piles of waste that’s currently polluting our environment is the The Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is located between Hawaii and California and is three times the size of France! What The Ocean Clean Up are working on is a way to reduce the amount of time it would take to completely clear this island and help to improve the rest of the ocean.

Using autonomous technology that is powered solely by the natural forces of the ocean could hypothetically clean-up to 50 per cent of the garbage patch in around five years’ time. More so, after the full fleet is deployed, they estimate being able to remove 90 per cent of our waste from the whole ocean by 2040.

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Plant-Robot Hybrid

This is where gardening, engineering and technology meet. If you have ever had that trouble of keeping a plant alive, you may want to invest in one of these helpful plant pots. The pot itself can detect what the environment is like and what the plant itself needs. Reacting to this, the robot will crawl into the sun to access more daylight, or into the shade if it’s too hot.

It just gets better and better as the technology doesn’t just monitor the environment, but it can also tell if the plant itself is in need of water.  The cutest part…it will dance to notify you. It really is a giant step for the gardening community and could be the answer to a lot of sustainability questions. But what else could this technology be used for?

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Smart City

Not only is Alphabet Google’s parent company, but it also owns another group call Sidewalk lab, whose sole focus is on innovating and redesigning urban areas in order to help overcome their biggest challenges. They’re currently working on building the world’s first fully digitally connected city.

Whilst incorporating technologies like solar power and 5G, they are looking to completely re-engineer the traditional elements of a city. From repurposing the space needed by relying on underground tunnels where there will be automated delivery drivers and workers, to heated paths that melt ice when snow has fallen. This city could be what our future truly looks like.

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As the world continues to evolve technologically, there will always be revolutionary minds working to make the world a better, safer and easier place to live and work. Are you one of them?

If you’re looking to get into the engineering and manufacturing industry or even just looking to take the next step in your career, Theo James Recruitment can help. Contact one of our specialists and let us help you along the way.

Engineering innovations that are changing the world

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