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How to boost your employer brand to attract candidates

Having a strong employer brand allows people to see who you are as a company, what is most important to you and the things you can do for your workforce. It’s essential for potential candidates to immediately recognise what you stand for and your company offerings. There are a number of ways you can reach out to different demographics but only by doing it the right way will you be able to attract top talent.

Reaching your local demographic

This first place you want to focus on is your immediate local community. Getting involved in any university job fairs or mentorship programs are perfect ways to get your company known within your community.

Recently, Theo James Recruitment volunteered their time to conduct mock interviews with year 10 students to get them ready for the real-life equivalent. This is an opportunity that gives the next generation valuable practical knowledge and makes you memorable to these students. Whether they are considering a career in manufacturing and engineering or not, they could change their mind if given a positive insight into your industry. 

Internal processes

Another way to help boost your brand is to start by looking within – deep, I know. Think about how your internal processes and offerings attract candidates to your company. For example, flexible hours will appeal to a lot of parents as it allows them the opportunity to better manage their careers while having a child in their life. This is just one of the many different aspects that can be offered to workers in a bid to help their work/life balance. It is also something that everybody pays close attention to when researching company culture.

Company culture is probably one of the most important, with 57 per cent of UK employees stating that it is a bigger contributor towards job satisfaction than a high salary. Improving and maintaining a healthy work environment is something that will help your in-house reputation, as well as making your workforce more productive.

Online presence

All of these would not be known without the power of social media and your website. Nobody knows what your company is doing if you yourself don’t advertise yourself.

An active social media account with a healthy following will come with time and effort, but it can provide some useful insights. Take a look at your analytics to see what potential candidates are favouring. Maybe you are receiving a high number of clicks on the post about your last staff do? Or maybe people are discussing the last video you posted. These things only come if you put in the work to showcase what makes your company different to others.

The truth is, there are so many different ways you can reach candidates, but as long as you stay consistent with your messaging, candidates of the same mindset and interests are likely to find you first. It’s just a matter of putting you and your company out there for them to find.

Are you looking to take the first step in your Manufacturing and Engineering career? Or potentially looking for the perfect talent to hire? Get in contact with Theo James Recruitment.

How to boost your employer brand to attract candidates

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