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Manufacturing tech jobs of the future

It’s happening all over. Innovative technologies are pathing the way for new careers paths to be built and with this, new business structures within these industries are also beginning to form but this doesn’t involve robots are rising up to take over all of our factories.

A recent survey conducted by BAE Systems has found that many people between the ages of 16-24 believe that, in the future, they’ll be working in jobs that don’t yet exist. Technology will continue to offer up exciting possibilities for people, but unfortunately, 74 per cent of them are adamant that they are not getting enough information about how the jobs market is evolving. More importantly, they believe that their skills will not be developed enough in order to pursue these career paths.

Well, in order to tackle that issue, we’re going to put forward a few technology jobs that we feel will be a popular choice in the future of manufacturing.

Auto advisor

While it’s clear to see that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) is taking a strong presence within the manufacturing sector, the human element within the process will always be needed. An auto advisor would demonstrate to companies the various ways in which AI can be applied to their processes. The responsibilities of this individual role will also involve regular checks of the digital workforce to ensure they are performing to their highest standards and being aware of any updates that can take place to increase their effectiveness within their workplace.

VR architect

Another career path that is likely to be in demand is that of a virtual reality (VR) architect. In circumstances where technological design, manufacturing and engineering meet, a VR architect will be an extremely important role. Responsibilities will include using virtual and/or augmented reality to design a digitally visual way in which manufacturers and engineers can see how different components will be used or fixed in. This could help with complex situations such as underground structures, offshore and even for aviation.

AI translator

At first glance, this job title may have you wondering if the robots of the future will be speaking a different language. Have no fear, this will not be the case. AI translators will be needed to make sure both humans and robots coexist in the workplace together effectively. Tasks included in this role will be overseeing development of AI and tailoring its behaviours to its human counterparts’ needs while also watching for potential human or robotic errors.

Just like any other sector, the manufacturing and engineering industry is experiencing disruption from technologies like AI, VR and AR. As a result, roles are evolving to accommodate and utilise these. The best advice, not only for the next generation, but for the current workforce is to increase your digital skills as best you can.

Are you looking to take the next step in your Manufacturing and Engineering career? Contact the experts at Theo James Recruitment to help you on your way.

Manufacturing tech jobs of the future

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