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We are distinctly different because we harness the latest technology together with our culture of candidate nurturing, and combine it with relationship building. An approach that has allowed us to design our suite of proven recruitment products. Our products are designed to either enhance or support your existing Talent team; alternatively they can provide a fully outsourced solution.


Comparison Table

Service Premium Service – Critical Hire New Company -Cost Efficient Service, Reduction in Financial risk New spin on the classic permanent contingent search
Rebate Period 12 Months 10 Months rolling (As per Payment Plan) 12 months 12 weeks - Free replacement clause
Advertising Free Free Free Free
Marketing Site Promotion Video None None None
Interviews Video Interviews Video Interviews Video Interviews Video Interviews
Profiling Skills & Personality x 3 None Skills & Personality x 2 None
Payment Terms 60 Days 14 Days in line with payment plan 30 Days 30 Days
Reporting Weekly reports & updates None / Std Defines process & SLA None / Std
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