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The best of food manufacturing innovations

There’s a lot changing in the food manufacturing industry – new technologies, expansions and even new types of food. The future of food production is about to become very different and while the list of different innovations is endless, we’re going to give you a sneak peek into some of the exciting things the currently going on in the food manufacturing industry.

3D food printing

One of the biggest innovations that has been bought to the manufacturing and engineering industry is the introduction of 3D printers. These are printers that can build three-dimension objects via computer-aided design. Objects, and now food, are created by adding the material layer by layer until completion. It’s a process that has opened up so many different possibilities to several fields, like instantly made parts for car manufacturers, and the food manufacturing field is not exempt from that list.

High pressure processing

Extending shelf life without comprising the taste or quality of the product could potentially be the most important goal for food manufacturers at the moment and they may have just found a way to do this by using high-pressure processing (HPP).

While many traditional methods of extending shelf life have included pickling, salt curing or even smoking, high pressure processing uses a method referred to as cold pasteurisation process. It involves foods that are sealed in packaging and placed into a high isostatic pressure environment which is transmitted by water – the pressure amounts to more than that in the Mariana Trench and inactivates the micro-organisms which cause food to become unsafe. This method could extend food life by up to 10 times the usual standard.

Lab-grown meat

In a world where sustainability is key, this meat substitute was almost guaranteed to happen. Lab-meat is meat made from stem cells which have been taken from donor livestock during a biopsy and then cultured in a lab for several weeks.

This innovation is about to revolutionise the meat industry and may change the everyday supply chain for the agricultural community.

Protein supplies

Another meat substitute will soon be hitting the main shelves. A big innovation within food manufacturing is the growing popularity of green proteins. We’ve noticed the popularity of this growing lifestyle choice increasingly in the past year. This trend is not about to stop at plant-based proteins, the introduction of insect-based proteins could also be the next big trend in the sustainable food industry.

Although it sounds strange, insect-based proteins are actually already used in many countries throughout the world. A popular street food delicacy in some places, there are now companies looking to use our British bugs for more healthy eating.

There are many different innovations currently happening within the food industry and there will be many more in the years to come. Who knows what the plate of the future could look like or even how much the whole food manufacturing chain will change in the next five years? It’s an exciting time to invest in the food manufacturing industry and, at the moment, the sky really is the limit.

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The best of food manufacturing innovations

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