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What skills do you need to work in car manufacturing?

The world of car manufacturing has been evolving over the years, from the introduction of electric vehicles to the latest development in manufacturing processes which are driven by innovative technologies. It’s all had a knock-on-effect in relation to the skills needed on the manufacturing lines.

While passion for the industry is a must, it’s more of a trait than a specific skill. Various traits, like passion and confidence, will highlight a candidate’s desire to work in the field, but to hire someone you’ll need to identity their skills in the field itself.

Problem solving

One of the most important skills within the automotive manufacturing industry is the ability to problem solve. New technologies will see previously unknown errors or problems arising for workers and it’s an essential skill to be able to use one’s mind to be resourceful and figure out solutions.

While traditionally, problem solving came in the form of purely physical ways to fix a problem, in today’s modern workplace, there are various ways to offer practical solutions. Anything from finding a way to solve an error code on a machine to personally training peers on how to use new technology, the ability to find a positive solution to challenges is skill that is highly needed.

Change leader

While most of today’s skills are based around the integration of technology, being able to lead cultural change by helping to implement it is both a skill and a trait. As well adapting to the evolving times around you, you should be able to lead people that way also.

In manufacturing in particular, it’s important to be able to communicate the steps you’re taking to change processes. New technologies will bring a new variety of phrases and words to the manufacturing industry and as a change leader these are words that you should want to familiarise yourself with. Actively seeking to educate yourself so that you can help implement this change with others.

Operational analysis

Attention to detail is one thing but when you have that and the ability to analyse important information, it makes you the perfect candidate within the automotive manufacturing sector. Analytically minded employees can assess and combine their operational statistics with first-hand observations in order to diagnose issues in various sections of their work. This includes assessing the general workflow, productivity and other operations.

The way in which the automotive sector is growing means that if companies can hire those who help internal processes to be more efficient with time and money, the manufacturing company, as a whole, can be more successful.

If you’re currently looking at this list and you feel as though you cannot yet meet these criteria, don’t worry. It’s never too late to work on yourself and improve your own employability within your desired field. You just have to set yourself realistic goals that will push you to build these and other skills.

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What skills do you need to work in car manufacturing?

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