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What work perks should you be offering your employees?

In today’s job market, employers are starting to realise that offering a good salary isn’t enough to attract top talent. While money has and will always be a main driver for employment, 72 per cent of employees are saying that more work benefits would increase their job satisfaction.

There was a time when the standard set of work perks would satisfy just about anyone, but over the years, employees have requested benefits to help improve their health, wellbeing and financial state – and quite rightly so. With this in mind, you may be wondering which of the wide range perks available are the most favourable among employees. Here are just a few to consider.

Flexible or remote working

The amount of technology available to us as workers is a huge improvement compared to just years ago. This has led to an increase in companies offering their employees either flexible or remote working opportunities. Most recently, there has also been a rise in companies shortening their working week by a day.

The are many forms of flexible working. Some businesses are implementing a system whereby staff have a set number of hours per week in which they can choose when they come in. This benefits employees and the company, as those who are early birds then have the opportunity to come into work earlier and get their work done. Equally, those whose minds aren’t fully working in the morning can choose to start later and finish later.

Free food in the office

The promise to fill your employee’s bellies is one that clearly could prove popular. Whether you use this as a small reward or a way in which you can bring the office together, special lunches like cakes days, end of month doughnuts or sales target pizzas are being noticed as a hugely effective way to motivate staff by their employers. But as you can see, it also doubles up as a perk for the office as a whole.

Fitness perks

Especially in more office-based roles, fitness perks not only have benefits for staff members individually but for their job performance also. Research has previously found that having greater levels of fitness leads to better wellbeing and this contributes positively towards productivity and performance in work. The perk can be anything from an office gym to money towards the local gym membership.

Financial assistance

There are many ways in which companies can help their employees with financial stresses. For example, employers who wish to attract younger talent may offer student loan assistance. In addition to this, there are also healthcare perks, commuting assistance and family assistance – these are all perks which have an added financial benefit for employees in their day-to-day lives.

Helping your employees to decrease additional troubles at home can increase moral, creating focus within the office as employees are less likely to be worrying about financial struggles.

While there are multiple perks that are favoured by all different kinds of employees, it’s about choosing the staff benefits that are right for your team and your company, rather than following the latest trends. Make sure to regularly analyse business perks. If one isn’t particularly being used as much as the others, try adapting or changing it to potentially help or reward your employees in another way.

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What work perks should you be offering your employees?

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